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Shelf Life: Life on the Shelf

What happens when crack and Doctor Who action figures mix

Life on the Shelf
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Macro Stories
Things you need to know:

- I do not own any of these characters. I just own the action figures.
- This community is IMAGE HEAVY.
- There are some mild curse words.
- I can't guarantee there won't be spoilers.
- It's not an open community for a very good reason: Listing all the episodes made my master fic list look sloppy. (That's a good reason! It is! It is!) So if you have any macros you'd like to share, I suggest ihasatardis.

Master List of Episodes Because that's as organized as it gets in these parts.
bob, captain jack harkness, clockwork droid, clockwork droid alpha, doctor who, doctor who action figures, donna noble, hula cat, ihastardis, macros, ruh-roh, scooby doo, tardis, windows vista